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By following a few simple steps and knowing what you to look for, finding laptops under 200 can be a fun experience! Web Hosting $6.95

Video Editing On A Cheap Laptop Or Netbook

So you've got your new low-priced or refurbished laptop and you're excited to see what you can do. As I've mentioned elsewhere, with low-priced laptops you can probably do more than a lot of people think! While there are a lot of options for various tasks--check out my page on free software for your laptop--one thing more and more people are wanting to do these days is edit video. Maybe you're off to college or university and you'll want to post some videos online. Or perhaps you're wanting to share some videos of your kids on YouTube, so far-flung family members can watch them grow. Or maybe you're looking to put together the next great independent film, and you don't want to let your lack of a big budget get in the way of your creativity! Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you can't accomplish these tasks. In fact, being on a budget is often the creative inspiration needed to do great work. Or to come up with creative solutions. In the case of technology, a low-cost laptop can be the machine you need to get your dreams started--whether it's strutting your stuff at the Oscars or just showing off your cat named Oscar. The Hardware First thing to consider is your hardware. If you found yourself a good low-priced laptop you'll probably be just fine. I've written about hardware before--like fast hard drives, speedy memory and powerful processors. These are the building … [Click here to learn more...]


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